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Australian Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed Clubs

SBT Club of Northern NSW Inc

SBT Club of Qld Inc

SBT Club of Vic Inc

ACT and District SBTC Inc

SBT Club of South Australia Inc

SBT Club of WA Inc

SBT Society of NSW Inc


Breeders and Exhibitors

Alport Blog (UK)

Seighford (AUS) Warpitt (AUS)

Borolo (AUS)

Solidrock (AUS) Willowstaff (UK)  

Blackskull (AUS)

Staffoflife (AUS)

Zeracious (SA)
Hammerstaff (ROM) Stoneheart (AUS) Zeracious (AUS)
Lapwing (AUS) TAK Photography (AUS)
Loyalstaff (IRE) Tusselstaff (UK)

Breed Resources

Animal Health Trust (UK)

Dog World


Bull Breeds Online

Stafford Mall


BSL Resources

Dog Politics (USA)           The Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Controlling Bodies In Australia

Australian National Kennel Council

Canberra Kennel Association

Canine Association of WA

Canine Control Council (Queensland)

Dogs NSW Inc

North Australian Canine Assoc Inc

South Australian Canine Assoc Inc

Tasmanian Canine Association

Victorian Canine Association


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