Date of Birth: February 18, 2009

Eye Tested Clear. L2 - HGA and HC Clear by parentage

Kelsy started off her show career in Victoria where she had multiple placings under Australian and International specialists alike. Since returning to NSW, she has started the journey towards her title and continues to thrive at the highest of Specialty level. Her campaign schedule will continue in 2013 and we look forward to enjoying her achievements.



Mr Mick Smith Willowstaff UK 3rd from 14 Entered in Limit Bitch Class

"4 years’ black/brindle with white front. Cobbier bitch than 1 & 2 but still balanced with a clean enough front and adequate bend of stifle. Has a decent head of good proportions and typical rose ears. Teeth are a little damaged indicative of the usual wear and tear. Could be fitter".

Courtesy SBTC of Victoria Inc 44th Championship Show March 2013

Mrs Jenny Smith Willostaff UK  3rd from 10 Entered in Limit Bitch Class

"4 years brindle/white front and another of the right type for me. She has a beautiful head of correct proportions, clean muzzle, good under jaw, nice eyes, neat ears, straight front. Top line level and maintained her shape on the move, although carrying undercarriage (advised later she was having a phantom). Moved out well enough, completing a nice trio of bitches".

Courtesy SBTC of Victoria Inc 43rd Championship Show March 2013

Ms Nancie Booth Ramblestaff UK  1st from 15 Entered in Minor Puppy Bitch Class

"Brindle with white nearly 8 months and maturing nicely. Excellent keen expression with round eyes, correct bite, good stop, neat ears and superb coat condition. Well placed shoulders with straight front level topline held on the move. Strong hindquarters with good rear angulation. Moved with drive, handler got the absolute best out of her and she enjoyed every minute of it".

Courtesy SBTC of Northern NSW Inc 10th Championship Show September 2009

Mr Frans Coetzer Zeracious South Africa  1st from 17 Entered in Minor Puppy Bitch Class

"BB puppy with great potential. Great balance with no exaggerations. Feminine, good head shape, dark round eyes and small rose ears with thin leather. Lovely keen expression, level top-line, ample bone. Clean in outline. Moved soundly, full of confidence - showed herself. I enjoyed going over her, my BPIS."

Courtesy SBTC of Northern NSW Inc 9th Championship Show September 2009

Mrs Juanita Crawford Crossbow RSA at the Box Hill And District Kennel Club Inc Championship Show.

"A super brindle baby showing lots of potential and an easy class winner for me. Lovely head shape, dark round eyes, small and thin rose ears, good depth of stop, strong underjaw and lots of expression. Excellent forequarter angulation, level topline, nice short coupling and a well made hindquarter. She moved well and coped with the show ring admirably for one so young. Her make and shape reminded me strongly of my own SA Ch Crossbow Fire And Ice at the same age. A pleasure to judge her and award her Baby In Group". Courtesy Mrs Juanita Crawford Crossbow RSA

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents

Mosstrooper Man At Arms

Grand Ch Highbourne Luskin Star

Ch Leatherwood Iron Mike

Ch Elbereth Ned Kelly

Ch Reigate Satin Doll

Grand Ch Highbourne Mummys Pet

Mosstrooper Midniterodeo
Highbourne Holly Of Spring

Ch Mosstrooper Get Mortal

Mosstrooper Mean Streets

Swanky Stylish Sylvester
Mosstrooper Marble Eyes

Eastaff The Oulton Broad (Imp UK)

Eastaff Achiever (UK)
Ch Eastaff Trefoil (UK)

Pepstaff Give It To Me

Ch Willspride Cockney Rebel

Marjenn Ironduke Maula

Ch Cherabah Ironside

Marjenn Royal Rana

Ch Willspride Molly Dooka

Ch Leatherwood Iron Mike

Drogheda Flame Jessica

Tuskstock Broken Arrow

Ch Leatherwood Iron Mike

Ch Elbereth Ned Kelly

Ch Reigate Satin Doll

Ch Taroby Doohan It Easy

Ch Taroby Unrivaled
Ch Runderkraal Makuto