Date of Birth: April 19, 2010

Eye Tested Clear. L2 - HGA and HC Clear by parentage


After the retirement of his grandsire, specialty winner Ch Willspride Cockney Rebel, we were eager to campaign and include another male to our kennel. The previous litter of Mosstrooper Man At Arms and Pepstaff Give It To Me boasted quality, and with the curtailing of Brum's show career, we were more than delighted when this repeat mating afforded us like quality.

An absolute asset to the kennel and the breed, coupled with being a major class winner of almost every breed championship show, this exciting young dog continues to gain recognition on outings as well as racking up frequent challenge points.

Yet to fully mature, we excitedly look forward to Dave's ongoing achievements, both as a sire, and a show dog. 



Mr David Levy

Mrs Joanne Blacker Crossguns UK  2nd from 9 Entered in Open Dog Class Reserve Challenge

"Strong dog with good head piece, correct bite, level top line, good amount of under jaw, fit condition, handled well".

Courtesy SBTS of NSW Inc 96th Championship Show

Mr Fred Gadd Gadkey UK  1st from 16 Entered in Open Dog Class Reserve Dog CC and Opposite Open In Show

"A beautifully balanced dog who deserved his award. Strong head deep through, distinct stop, great eye, strong muzzle, clean scissor bite, excellent expression lovely front elevation, and profile deep long rib short coupled, level top-line, excellent stifles low hocks".

Courtesy SBTS of NSW Inc 94th Championship Show

Mrs Helon Tonkson - Kolt Mooncraft Est  2nd from 12 Entered in Open Dog Class

"Excellent type, excellent head and expression, good mouth, good bone, well built body, well angulated, good condition, lovely temperament".

Courtesy SBTS of NSW Inc 93rd Championship Show

Mrs Karon Jackson Jackabyte UK  1st from 12 Entered in Intermediate Dog Class

"Brindle dog of some substance and strength, but not overdone. Loved his head shape and proportions. Round eye well set and pleasing typical expression. Distinct stop.Clean shoulders, straight in front, good bone down to neat well padded feet. Broad in chest and good depth to brisket from strong shoulders. Nice tuck up into well covered loins. Great coat condition. Stood foursquare. Very pleasing dog with many attributes. . Muscular powerful hindquarters produced clean driving movement. I was very happy to award him a well deserved RESERVE DOG CHALLENGE."

Courtesy BTC of NSW Inc 15th October 2012

Mr Paul Stanway Waystaff UK  1st from 23 Entered in Intermediate Dog Class

"Dark brindle, a dog who grew on me through this large class, first impressions were should get a placing when actually going over everything hits the button! Excellent head shape, wicked expression, neat ears, straight well boned forequarters, level topline, well angulated hindquarters, moved OK. Standard size and everything fits the bill!"

Courtesy SBTC of Northern NSW Inc 16th Championship Show September 2012

Mr Mike Bradley Staffire UK  1st from 11 Entered in Intermediate Dog Class

"A super headed lad. B/B/W, one of the strongest dogs on the day, deep through strong muzzle with underjaw to die for. Lip could be a little cleaner for me but I realise that is ‘nit-picking’. Darkest round eye, powerful neck, well laid shoulder, gun barrel front with slight turn of foot, great depth of brisket, good bone, plenty of rib, topline kept both stood and on the move. Powerful driving motion, nice dog which I considered for Challenge."

Courtesy SBTS of NSW Inc 92nd Championship Show

Mrs Ann Goddard Tophouse UK  1st from 12 Entered in Intermediate Dog Class

"Dk Br. Good head with broad skull and pronounced cheek muscles. Strong fronted. Well ribbed. Close coupled. Moved and showed well. Best Intermediate in Show."

Courtesy SBTC of Victoria Inc Championship Show March 2012

Mr Paul Martin Loyalstaff Ireland  1st from 15 Entered in Junior Dog Class

"Dark brindle, cracking head with neat ears and stop, lovely expression, good mouth, good front, very well balanced, stood four square. Stood out for me in this class".

Courtesy SBTC of Northern NSW Inc 13th Championship Show September 2011

Ms Bianca Janssen Staffjoys Netherlands  1st from 18 Entered in Junior Dog Class

"Attractive standard sized dog, well boned, nicely proportioned head, strong underjaw, well shaped and set eyes, well set and carried ears, well muscled neck, good brisket, level topline, good tuck-up, well angulated and muscled rear. Correct tailset".

Courtesy SBTC Queensland Inc Championship Show August 2011

Mrs Liz Stanway Waystaff UK  2nd from 16 Entered in Junior Dog Class

"Stronger brindle with good head and expression, strong muzzle. Straight front, good body shape with level topline. Moved OK".

Courtesy ACT & District SBTC Inc Championship Show April 2011

Mrs Lesley McFayden Araidah UK  1st from 8 Entered in Puppy Dog Class

"A glorious brindle coat on this young man who had a strong head that is still rather fleshy at this stage. He has an abundance of bone and substance although he still has to drop brisket, which will come with maturity. Well ribbed for a youngster and good angulation and excellent tail carriage, he was shorter in back than the second dog".

Courtesy SBTC of Victoria Inc Championship Show March 2011

Mr John Farley Homafar UK  3rd from 13 Entered in Baby Puppy Dog Class

"Developing nicely strong looking with depth to head correct length to muzzle a round eye and good ear carriage good front and rear quarters".

Courtesy SBTC of Northern NSW Inc 12th Championship Show September 2010

Mrs Karon Jackson Jackabyte UK  1st from 14 Entered in Baby Puppy Dog Class

"1st Brooks’ BROOKSHIRE DAVROS – Mahogany Brindle youngster who looked the part, alert and happy. Straight front and good feet, nice head shape, ear set and expression. Short in back, good rear for a youngster. Good coat. Promising baby. Presented and handled very well. OPPOSITE BABY PUPPY IN SHOW".

Courtesy SBTC of Northern NSW Inc 11th Championship Show September 2010


Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents

Mosstrooper Man At Arms

Grand Ch Highbourne Luskin Star

Ch Leatherwood Iron Mike

Ch Elbereth Ned Kelly

Ch Reigate Satin Doll

Grand Ch Highbourne Mummys Pet

Mosstrooper Midniterodeo
Highbourne Holly Of Spring

Ch Mosstrooper Get Mortal

Mosstrooper Mean Streets

Swanky Stylish Sylvester
Mosstrooper Marble Eyes

Eastaff The Oulton Broad (Imp UK)

Eastaff Achiever (UK)
Ch Eastaff Trefoil (UK)

Pepstaff Give It To Me

Ch Willspride Cockney Rebel

Marjenn Ironduke Maula

Ch Cherabah Ironside

Marjenn Royal Rana

Ch Willspride Molly Dooka

Ch Leatherwood Iron Mike

Drogheda Flame Jessica

Tuskstock Broken Arrow

Ch Leatherwood Iron Mike

Ch Elbereth Ned Kelly

Ch Reigate Satin Doll

Ch Taroby Doohan It Easy

Ch Taroby Unrivaled
Ch Runderkraal Makuto

Rambunctious, rumbustious, delinquent dogs become angelic when sitting. - Dr. Ian Dunbar